Visibility / Transperency

VISIBILITY / TRANSPARENCY BACK Data Lineage Stakeholders demand visibility and transparency when it comes to data usage. It must be clear to all participants and auditors how and when access is given. Velotix provides data lineage and governance throughout the entire data access lifecycle. It identifies what data is sensitive and delivers instant reporting on […]

Self Service

SELF-SERVICE BACK Data must be useable. Useful data is everywhere, but organizational silos, time-consuming access processes, and ever-changing policies impede democratization and self-service. Empower your employees to derive value from data: give them confidence that their access is secure and enable them to utilize data in the way they need, in the most efficient way […]

Streamlining Access

STREAMLINING ACCESS BACK Poor data democratization. When data is found in multiple distinct locations, detached from its legal, privacy, and business contexts, data democratization is limited because of insufficient data accessibility. Too often, those who need to access data, can’t. The solution? Velotix data catalog aggregation. Automatically combine all your catalogs into one unified source. […]

Compliance & Security

COMPLIANCE & SECURITY BACK Current methods for data governance are inefficient. They tend to be passive and inflexible, mostly manual, and are not sensitive to changes. The result is that either too many people throughout the organization have too much access to private or sensitive information – or not enough. Capturing all organizational policies is […]