compliance and security

Current methods for data governance are inefficient.

They tend to be passive and inflexible, mostly manual, and are not sensitive to changes. The result is that either too many people throughout the organization have too much access to private or sensitive information – or not enough.

Capturing all organizational policies is practically impossible.

Privacy policies tend to be spread among many different people – often not written down at all, let alone documented in a single place. And policies are evolving at such a rapid pace that it’s almost impossible to keep up.

The Velotix machine learning, AI-driven data governance platform solves these problems.

By building and updating data protection policies and permissions access automatically, Velotix enables companies to orchestrate the use of data in a real-time. It builds out a policy catalog over time during the processing of data access and transfer requests. The platform defines the data risk levels, observes the usage of PII information throughout the organization, and provides access per use case, removing the limitations of role-based access control.

Automation is key.

Automatically classifying, cataloging, and matching data  proactively eliminates thousands of hours of manual work – and significantly reduces regulatory risk.