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The AI-Powered Data Security Platform

Discover, visualize, and use your data while remaining secure and compliant.


Measure your level of data security


Your Data with Velotix

  • Secure and Dynamic

    Groundbreaking visual data security that learns how and when to apply your access policies, getting smarter over time.

  • Fast Data Access

    AI Recommendations help you grant or deny data access in minutes, not months. Approved members can calibrate decision-making.

  • Automated Intelligence

    Automatically enforce who has data access and why based on your AI-Powered Policy Database.

  • Compliance Drift

    Rules and policies evolve every day, but your data access controls don’t.

  • Bottlenecks

    You’re stuck in an endless loop of emails, policy checks and manual approvals.

  • Dark Data

    You have unknown and untapped data across your organization.

Secure At Every Stage

01 | Gain Control

Discover, organize and visualize your data in one central place. Identify sensitive unstructured and structured data so you can protect, secure and analyze it.

  • Data Discovery
  • Permission Discovery
  • Visual Analysis
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02 | Unlock Power

Empower your enterprise with data access. Grant or deny requests at the attribute level and incorporate intelligent AI policy recommendations.

  • Self-Serve Data Access
  • Policy Based Access Control
  • AI Recommendations
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03 | Automate Scale

Create a single source of truth. Equip your enterprise with a smart and compliant policy database. Track the complete flow of data, ensuring data integrity and compliance.

  • Automated Policy Database
  • Policy Interference
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Gain data visibility, control access, and enforce policy compliance.

Product features

A front-end dashboard to orchestrate and control all data access requests, streamline and automate approvals by approver, and provide fast and seamless access to desired data.

An automated, data protection policy repository powered by unique symbolic AI methods that minimizes time to action on data access requests.

Introducing smart data usage to reduce the number of transactions,  time, and compute power in order to quickly find and access the data you need. 

Setting guidelines for both industry regulations and internal policies to enforce your data protection policy throughout the data access lifecycle.

Grant data access to the right people at the right time.

The only data security platform you need

By 2025, 30% of Gartner clients will protect their data using a “need to share”
approach rather than the traditional “need to know” approach.

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