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Automated Data Security
Enables Self-Service Data Access Builds Your Policy Database Enforces Your Policy Compliance Leverages the Power of Generative AI

We Securely Connect People with Data

Your Data with Velotix

  • Dynamic Data Security

    Experience groundbreaking visual data security that learns how and when to apply your access policies, getting smarter over time.

  • Grant Access in Minutes

    Revolutionary automation AI means you grant or deny data access in minutes, not weeks. Trusted members of your team can help deal with edge cases and calibrate decision-making.

  • Automate Intelligence

    Build complex policies that enforce who has data access, when, where, how, and why.

  • Static

    Rules and policies evolve every day, but your data access control doesn’t.

  • Manual

    Accessing data means getting stuck in an endless loop of emails, policy checks, and manual approvals.

  • Simplistic

    Data access is based on whether applicants meet rigid, simplistic criteria.


Gain Control

  • Get data visibility 
  • Permission Management 
  • Data catalog aggregation 
  • Data auto tagging

Unlock Power

  • Enable self-service data access
  • Grant data access based on policy and attributes 
  • Monitor anomalies / exceptions / compliance / usage
  • Data lineage

Automate Scale

  • Build & enforce your policy standards automatically
  • Search and access data with ease

Gain data visibility, control access, and enforce policy compliance.

Product features

A front-end dashboard to orchestrate and control all data access requests, streamline and automate approvals by approver, and provide fast and seamless access to desired data.

An automated, data protection policy repository powered by unique symbolic AI methods that minimizes time to action on data access requests.

Introducing smart data usage to reduce the number of transactions,  time, and compute power in order to quickly find and access the data you need. 

Setting guidelines for both industry regulations and internal policies to enforce your data protection policy throughout the data access lifecycle.

Grant data access to the right people at the right time.

The only data security platform you need

By 2025, 30% of Gartner clients will protect their data using a “need to share”
approach rather than the traditional “need to know” approach.

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