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Data Access Management

The only AI based data security platform that automatically grants the right access, to the right data, for the right people, at the right time.

We automate data access governance.

Without Velotix

With Velotix


Rules and policies evolve every day, but your data access control doesn't.


Groundbreaking symbolic AI learns how and when to apply your data access policies, becoming more accurate over time.


Accessing data means getting stuck in an endless loop of emails, policy checks, and manual approvals.

Symbolic AI-based

Revolutionary automation means data access is approved or denied in minutes, not days or weeks. Trusted members of your team help deal with edge cases and calibrate decision-making.


Data access is based on whether applicants meet rigid, simplistic criteria.


Build complex policies that consider who can access data as well as when, where, how, and for what purpose they can access it.

The Velotix Edge


Set a new record time from data request to access without overlooking any privacy policy or security measure.


Set the new industry standard for compliance. Our AI engine intelligently tracks exceptions to the rules to build and update a policy playbook.


A single place to execute and demonstrate compliance on data access. Give refined data to the consumers in your company knowing that it always comes from its original source.

Turn data democratization into an achievable, secure, and empowering reality:

Self-Service Data Access

A front-end dashboard to orchestrate and control all data access requests, streamline and automate approvals by approver and provide fast and seamless access to desired data

Build & Enforce Data Protection Policy

An automated, data protection policy repository, powered by unique symbolic AI methods, that minimizes time to action on data access requests

Improved Data Utilization

Introducing smart data usage to reduce the number of transactions, time, and compute power in order to quickly find and access the data you need.

Defining Industry Standards

Setting guidelines for both industry regulations and internal policies to enforce your data protection policy throughout the data access lifecycle.

“By 2025, 30% of Gartner clients will protect their data using a “need to share” approach rather than the traditional “need to know” approach.”

The revolutionary data protection and access permissions platform that you’ve been waiting for.