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Velotix & Google Cloud Unlock
The Power Of Your Data

Automate your data security policies and ensure they evolve with your business by
providing holistic policy enforcement across technologies.

Google Cloud Marketplace

Remove barriers and access your data with confidence.

Businesses turn to Google Cloud to not only store their data, but also to benefit from scalable infrastructure, advanced technology, and robust security.
Velotix integrates seamlessly with Google Cloud’s ecosystem, enhancing data security and governance for businesses leveraging cloud technologies.

Our platform leverages Google Cloud’s BigQuery data warehouse to access and provide federated access to data. By discovering and mapping data across BigQuery, Velotix provides comprehensive visibility and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.ensive visibility and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Velotix integrates with Google’s Data Catalog to consume metadata and tagging information, enabling automatic data classification and sensitivity scoring within the Velotix platform.

Velotix connects with Google’s IAM platform to discover permissions & manage access control policies. Any conflicts or inconsistencies in permissions are flagged and remediated in real-time within the Velotix platform, ensuring adherence to organizational policies and external regulations.

Velotix secures sensitive data that resides in your Google Workspace by auto-tagging your files and making sure policies are uniformly applied no matter where your data resides and what form it’s in.