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Preventing Compliance Drift


When organizations veer away from their compliance standards and regulations, it can lead to heavy fines, operational disruptions, security risks, and reputational damage. It often happens because policy rules are complex, enterprises are using outdated security tools, and policy changes happen too frequently for enterprises to keep up.

Staying on track of compliance means reviewing data access policies regularly, setting up reliable privacy controls, educating staff, and adopting policy compliance standards company-wide. With Velotix, prevent compliance drift by discovering your data, analyzing your permissions, and creating an AI-driven policy database that automates compliance.

Discover Your Data

Velotix connects to your structured and unstructured databases to map out the schemas and tables. Then it auto-tags and classifies your data according to its type, sensitivity, including PII. Any new data added will be automatically identified and classified.

Analyze Your Policies

Velotix discovers and analyzes data permissions within your organization and maps them according to sensitivity. Then it monitors access to detect user activity and identify potential threats.

Automate Policy Compliance

Gain one central place for all your permission policies and receive AI Recommendations on whether data access should be granted or denied.
Approvals or denials are added to your policy database as new or updated policies and used to securely govern data access moving forward.

Generate Updated Policies with AI

When new regulations are enacted that affect your data access, Velotix learns about them and updates your policy database so you can scale while remaining secure.

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