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Eliminate Dark Data


Detect, Protect & Untap Dark Data

Today, enterprises are generating data faster than ever. Much of this data is unstructured and accumulates rapidly. Valuable insights are left on the table as enterprises invest significant resources in data storage solutions, but fail to leverage its full potential and accurately keep track of it. When dark data contains sensitive information, including PII and confidential business data, failure to manage and secure this data can result in compliance violations and penalties. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Detect, protect, and untap your dark data with Velotix.

Trace Data Origins

By connecting Velotix to your data lineage tool, you’ll trace the source of your dark data back to its origins and consume the data it collects.

Apply Policies to All Data

Since Velotix understands the source of the derived tables, it will automatically apply the right policy rules to all subsequent data tables while protecting sensitive data from leakage and misuse.

Track Unstructured Data

There is no easy way to track unstructured data in emails, documents, PDFs, and Excel spreadsheets, creating dark data. Velotix solves this issue by connecting to these sources and tagging, categorizing, tracking, and flagging any sensitive data found within.

Protect Unstructured Data

Once sensitive data is found in unstructured places, Velotix documents where it resides, the level of sensitivity, and the action items required to protect it.

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