Request, access, create insight, execute.

An environment of constantly evolving data, privacy and security, means organizations need to find a way to maximize business outcomes while complying with the growing requirements of data privacy & security regulations.

Automate Data Governance.

Velotix developed an AI-powered dynamic data access governance platform for managing and accessing data.

Our data access platform enables the sharing, consumption and use of information while preventing the disclosure of sensitive private business information to those not authorized to access it according to internal and external regulations.

Data Discoverability

  • Data catalog aggregation
  • Tag normalization 
  • Partial & flexible search across data catalogs 
  • Single repository of metadata
streamlining access

Data Access

  • Federated access to data 
  • AI Engine 
  • Granular restrictions
self service

Data Security

  • Auto Tagging with AI 
  • Masking, database anonymization, bucketing, hashing
visibility Transparency

Automated Policy Management

  • Cybernetic approach 
  • Single source of truth of policies 
  • Machine learning which understands and analyzes requests being made

Data Audit Support

  • Policies that apply to all transformations of data 
  • Track data transformation
streamlining access

Data Sharing

  • Eliminate unnecessary data replication 
  • Data democratization
  • BI tool integration

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