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Why Velotix

Why Secure Your Data with Velotix?

Data is your greatest asset. It should be secure and easy to use. That’s why our AI-powered Data Security Platform automates policy compliance to provide your enterprises with faster data discoverability and secure access. Nothing should stand in the way of your business innovation and growth.

Gain control of your data security and compliance with the power of AI.

The Way Data Security Should Be

Classify and auto-tag all data so it’s completely searchable in a visible dashboard across your data landscape.

Create and maintain data protection policies to automatically detect and remediate conflicts between permissions and policy. 

Reduce time-to-access from months to minutes with policy-based access control (PBAC) and AI Recommendations.

Track data requests and enforce data protection policies automatically.

Drive Business Innovation & Scale

The only data security platform that automates data security and compliance.
Unlock the power of your data and operate on a “need to share” basis.

The AI-Powered Data Security Platform

Simplify Data Security. Streamline Data Access.

How it works

The Data Security Lifecycle

  • Discover
  • Request Access
  • Manage policy
  • Share
  • Monitor
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