AI powered data security for
data-driven organizations

Today, organizations increasingly rely on data analytics to optimize operations and make business decisions, yet data security remains at stake.

Velotix’s data access governance platform harnesses the power of machine learning and AI to remove the risk and automate privacy protection at scale.

AUTOMATED Compliance &

Data access rules are applied down to the individual cell level. If any cell of a dataset contains sensitive information, the default is to deny access.

streamlining access


It can take 3+ months for data analysts to get approval for data access. Velotix provides streamlined data access in minutes.
self service


Data at your fingertips, empowering you to think bigger, innovate more, and deliver projects faster.
visibility Transparency

Visibility / Transparency

Though data is transformed, rebuilt, and republished throughout the access lifecycle, its original form still requires governance and management. Velotix provides the ability to understand, monitor, and track data lineage.

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