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Insurance & Healthcare

Protecting Privacy in Insurance and Healthcare.

Healthcare & insurance enterprises use data analytics to provide personalized treatment plans, predict medical trends and usage, and offer the most mutually beneficial options to their patients. Velotix enables rapid, secure, and trusted access to and sharing of health data vital for research, innovation, and optimal operations. Velotix ensures that healthcare organizations can easily prove full compliance and automatically maintain privacy rules for protected health information (PHI) and in full accordance with HIPAA.


For the insurance and healthcare industries, the sharing of sensitive data can mean the difference between quality care and the highest quality of care. With Velotix, healthcare and insurance companies can safely transfer, share, and collaborate on data to create more personalized care plans.

Analytics & Reporting

Controlled, federated, and secure access to data means healthcare companies can use their data to enhance business outcomes. Velotix is able to unlock predictions regarding life expectancies and proper medicinal usage.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Secure access to data encourages collaboration. Share data within the Velotix Platform to safely enhance business outcomes. For the healthcare industry this means offering the appropriate plans, premiums, & options.

Join the data democratization revolution.