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The New Standard of Data Access Governance.

We believe that data is a valuable asset only when transformed into business predictions and revenue-generation applications products and services. We believe in maximizing business value by removing unnecessary silos and making data attainable, while minimizing security risks.

Modern Data Governance.

From manual data governance to real-time, dynamic, and automated data access governance.

Our data scientists, developers, and product teams are enabling data-driven organizations to democratize data access by automating a complex matrix of:

  • Automated policy enforcement: updating data security regulations & policies in real-time
  • Mapping internal & external data throughout its usage lifecycle
  • Speeding up data requests and approvals by automating methods for anonymizing data, recommendations, and their enforcement
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Modern Data Governance.

Our partners

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • BigID
  • Deutsche Benk
  • Google
  • Capri
  • NayaOne
  • Snowflakes
  • Tableau


Join the data democratization revolution.