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AI/ML Applications


Secure Your AI/ML Training Data

According to Gartner, using personal data to train AI models poses significant security and compliance challenges, especially when these models are deployed to the public. As the use of AI/ML applications increases, protecting your high-value data from unauthorized access is even more critical. Ensure safe and compliant use of sensitive AI/ML training data with Velotix’s robust security measures. 

Discover & Visualize Your Data

Velotix allows you to classify and auto-tag all your data so it’s completely searchable in a visible dashboard across your data landscape. This allows you to know what sensitive data needs protecting.


Centralize Policy & Permission Control

Gain a comprehensive overview of your permission landscape and their corresponding access privileges so that you only feed secure data to your AI/ML training applications.

Be Proactive with AI

Velotix continuously scans and identifies anomalies in AI/ML data use so you can swiftly remediate policy violations in real-time. By proactively addressing security threats and concerns, Velotix minimizes the risk of policy or data breaches.

Resolve Conflicts with Alerts

Whenever a conflict arises, Velotix sends an alert and documents all problems in an intuitive dashboard. That way you can see the AI/ML application in use, the data in question, and the action items needed to resolve the conflict and remain secure.

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