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Maximum Data Security With
Microsoft Azure & Velotix

Discover, protect, and access with AI-Powered data security

Azure Marketplace

Unlock the full potential of Azure with Velotix

Elevate your Azure infrastructure with Velotix’s AI-driven data security platform. Experience unparalleled data protection, intelligent auto-tagging, and dynamic policy enforcement.

The Velotix data security platform enables maximum data usage and drives consumption for Azure data sources while ensuring sensitive data protection, resulting in minimum security risk.

Our platform connects with the Azure SQL data warehouse & Azure datalake to access and provide federated access to data. By discovering and mapping data across Azure SQL and datalake, Velotix provides comprehensive visibility and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Velotix integrates with Purview to consume metadata and tagging information, enabling automatic data classification and sensitivity scoring within the Velotix platform. By feeding this metadata into our AI policy-based engine, we enable data teams to automate privacy and security protection at scale.

Velotix allows you to strengthen your security across structured and unstructured data repositories, from Sharepoint, to Teams, and Email.