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Financial Services

Removing the Barrier to Access for the Financial Sector.

Financial services rely on data to advance their business processes, predict emerging trends and customer behavior, and ultimately gain competitive advantage. Financial services rely on Velotix as a core component of policy-based access control, giving them confidence that the business insights from their data are gained compliantly and securely.


Velotix’s proprietary AI technology enables the sharing of sensitive data. Financial institutions can safely transfer, share, and collaborate on data across borders.

Complete Control

The Velotix platform is an integral tool for the financial sector. Velotix is able to understand who is accessing the data, know what they did with it, and where it resides now. Our platform easily identifies who mismanaged the data, preventing threats before they begin.

Analytics & Reporting

Democratized data access means better business outcomes. For financial services, this means actually using financial data & external third party purchasing to enhance sales reporting, predict sales cycles and create targeted campaign planning.

Regulatory & Compliance

When the auditors come, financial institutions need to be able to quickly prove compliance as related to regulatory requirements. Whether it be GDPR or internal regulations, Velotix eliminates risks associated with noncompliance, allowing you to see your data throughout its lifecycle to seamlessly track and monitor how your data has been transformed.

Join the data democratization revolution.