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Case study: TIER-1 Bank

Automating Data Management with Velotix

A tier-1 bank holds a vast repository of sensitive data critical for its operations. However, managing a diverse data landscape poses significant challenges in terms of data governance, compliance, and security.

When the CDO needed to ensure adherence to policy rules while effectively utilizing the organization’s data assets, they found managing the issue alone overwhelming. That’s why they turned to Velotix for an automated data solution.

Becoming Technology Agnostic

Gaining a Unified
View of Data

Ensuring Policy

About the Company

This tier-1 bank is a European commercial bank serving millions of customers across Italy, Germany, and Central and Eastern Europe. With the goal of delivering exceptional service to their clients all over Europe, they are divided into four regions and two product branches serving businesses and individuals.

The Challenge

The bank uses Oracle and SQL Server for operational databases and Teradata as their marketing data warehouse. Since each process happens manually, enforcing their policies across each database, both on-premises and in the Cloud, is complicated and tedious. For each database, the data team writes permissions manually for each database and monitors it. This process isn’t always accurate and leads to significant delays in data access. 

Their current process involves an in-house solution; however, auditing and ensuring compliance across the entire tech stack is nearly impossible. With the addition of Snowflake, the data team realized that their existing process was unscalable.

When it comes to HR and managing JML (employees joining, moving, or leaving), the data team manually updates the IAM database, deleting every previously approved access and starting from scratch. This means that they manually align access permissions with policy rules in each database. In any given quarter, 3-5% of employees fall into a JML category, making the amount of policy updates insurmountable. 

Since managing the data and the growing costs associated with following policy compliance seemed unfeasible, the tier-1 bank needed a process that would allow them to add new databases and technologies with ease so that they could automate scale—without the manual work.

The Solution 

The CDO turned to Velotix to unify its data management strategy and enable seamless policy management across diverse storage technologies. With Velotix, they were able to integrate all their databases in one place to unify policy updates without manual work and reduce time spent on managing access from five full-time employees to two. 

They also gained visibility and control over the entire data management process through Velotix’s intuitive dashboards. Now their data and policy management is scalable across all of their databases—no matter how many data technologies they add to their ecosystem.

Creating a Unified Data Privacy Strategy

  • Cross-Database Policy Updates
    Velotix writes one policy that automatically updates across every database technology the bank uses, reducing the data team’s manual work and eliminating the need to write specific policies for each one.
  • Unified View of Policy Enforcement
    With Velotix, the CDO gains access to easy-to-use dashboards offering a unified view of each enforced policy across all databases. This allows the data team to easily manage data and see that each policy is applied correctly across their data ecosystem. 
  • Automated Policy Compliance
    Every time the bank adds new data or database technology to its ecosystem, the policy compliance rules are added automatically, ensuring the bank remains compliant as it grows.


  • Saved more than $20M in resources by automating 95% of their data access requests
  • Time spent managing permissions reduced by 60%
  • Policy accuracy and application increased by 40% 
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