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Automated Policy Management

Organizations are struggling to create a centralized, single source of truth of organizational rules and external policies like GDPR, HIPAA, or CCPA because these regulations change at a pace that surpasses human control.

Compliance departments are unable to keep up with the amount of data requests, slowing productivity of business teams and leaving room for oversights on their part. Policy is alive and changing, your datasets should be as well. Velotix implements automated policy management removes error-prone, time consuming work building new rules into new data policies, creating a policy playbook that ensures that you and your organization are accessing data while playing by the rules.

A Cybernetic Approach

Velotix’s patented AI technology formulates a detailed recommendation and explanation. Since a human approver must confirm the recommendation, our engine intelligently tracks exceptions to the rule and builds and updates policies as such.

Dynamic Policy Building

Velotix makes order out of exceptions. A consolidated, formalized, single source of truth of all policies that govern data access, automatically built to provide a single guideline that the organization adheres to. Execute actions and dynamically adjust enterprise data policy simply using several approval or rejection options; approve, approve with qualifications, or reject.

Minimize Time to Action on Data Requests

Policy is added to the repository on a case-by-case basis, enabling more granular and flexible policy. Organizations no longer have to manually record and track which policy was implemented and when.

Join the data democratization revolution.