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Data Access

It’s been proven time and time again that access to essential business data leads to better business outcomes.

Data is the most valuable asset a company has, but also the most sensitive. Real-time data access means you can stop wasting time waiting for request approval and start getting the most out of your data. Velotix’s data protection platform provides controlled, federated, and virtualized access to data without the need to move, replicate, or transform the data.

From Need to Know to Need to Share

Velotix automatically routes requests to the relevant stakeholders so that data access can be granted in seconds to minutes as opposed to months.

Right People, Right Time, For the Right Reason

Velotix’s patented AI engine learns from historical requests and provides recommendations that are based on elements such as the user requesting the data, which data they requested access to, business justification, and location.

Beyond Role Based Access Control (RBAC) & Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC)

Prevent the over-permissioning or over-restriction of data. Democratize data across your organization and eliminate the bottleneck of data access by authorizing real time data to people while complying with organization policy.

Join the data democratization revolution.