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Data Discoverability

The exponential amount of data being created, replicated and transformed challenges organizations to keep track of what data exists and where it is located.

Data needs to be refined in order to hold value. To start, organizations need to know what data they have to turn it into insights, predictions, and use it for business applications. Velotix makes data searchable and accessible, meaning you get the data you need exactly when you need it.

Search for the Data you Need

Velotix allows for partial and flexible search across all data catalogs, querying metadata down to the row or column level.

A Single Source of Truth

Have a single repository for accessing information about users and a single place to grant and revoke permissions to data.

Data Catalog Aggregation

Your existing data catalogs integrate seamlessly into Velotix. Automate, cleanse, and unify metadata collection on-premise and automatically maintain a standardized metadata taxonomy.

Smart Suggestions

Our AI engine learns from previous requests to suggest data you may need. When your attributes match those of someone who previously requested access, Velotix recommends other data sets that may be helpful, unlocking value that was previously unknown, increasing data discoverability across all data sets.

Join the data democratization revolution.