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Velotix Solution

Permission Discovery & Analysis

Understand how data permissions are granted within your enterprise so you can identify patterns, spot anomalies, and prevent misuse.

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Gain Control

It’s time to discover and control the permissions
that grant access within your organization.

Reduce Risk & Protect Data

No more locking up your data or giving too much away.

Improve Productivity & Compliance

Discover your permissions, control how they’re used, and automate upkeep.

Detect Threats & Anomalies

Identify patterns and exceptions to the rules so you can correct them quickly.

Discover Your Permissions

Animatic of how Permission Discovery & Analysis works

How It Works


Get Connected

Connect your database to Velotix.


Discover User Permissions

Velotix discovers your current permissions based on roles and attributes.


Detect Patterns & Anomalies

Velotix detects permission patterns and anomalies in an easy-to-view dashboard, so potential threats are easily tracked and amended.

Grant the Right Access

Analyze Permissions

Once your permissions are analyzed based on user roles, they’re visually mapped according to sensitivity.

Automate Authorizations

Keep track of all your permissions in one place. When new people are added, they’ll be granted the right permissions based on their role.

Detect Exceptions

Detect and track exceptions to the rule so you can approve or reject anomalies and move them to the correct permission level.

Create Better Policies. Remove Anomalies.

Feel confident your sensitive data is protected,
so the right people have access.

Start your data security journey today.