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Self-Serve Data Access

Streamline data access to the right people in minutes
so your enterprise can maximize foresight.

Unlock Power

Apply permissions to your database so employees can request and gain access without delay.

  • Grant Faster Data Access

    Make it possible for employees to gain access in minutes not days.

  • Unify Data Policies

    Apply your permissions across any connected database so all your platforms are aligned.

  • Empower Decision-Making

    Leverage your data to improve your strategy, identify trends, and improve efficiency.

Democratize Your Data

How it works

  • 01 Customize Your Workflow

    Decide what phases your data needs to go through to grant or deny access.

  • 02 Get Access Requests

    The approver receives access requests whenever an employee requests access for themselves or multiple people.

  • 03 Approve or Deny with AI Recommendations

    Your approver decides whether to grant or deny access based on your policies and AI Recommendations, visible from one dashboard.

Grant Data Access with Ease

  • Custom Workflow

    Own Your Approval Process

    Drag and drop the steps in your approval process based on use cases, data sensitivity, and business departments. Include automation to speed up your workflow or keep it manual.


  • Request Dashboard

    Track User Requests

    Get an overview of all your data requests in one place. See who made the request, what data was requested, the reason for access, and the approval status.

  • AI Recommendations

    Make Decisions with Confidence

    Based on historical access and policies, Velotix will make AI Recommendations on which data to hide or show.

Grant Data Access with Ease