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Scalable and secure data access: How to build the best-of-both-worlds data security platform

It’s one of the biggest challenges in data governance today: how to make data accessible and secure at the same time. The size of this challenge is matched only by its complexity, with data residing across warehouses, lakes, and even static spreadsheets or within databases. Multiple decentralized locations also means multiple forms of legislation across industries and regions, compounding the challenges for those tasked with managing governance, control, and access.

Within the business there are also different drivers to balance. IT may be tasked with provisioning access while also maintaining security. End users, such as data science teams, seek access to relevant, enriched, and timely information. Data governance teams have to maintain visibility for compliance and audits. Public-facing employees have to reassure customers that their data is being processed correctly.

It’s possible to align these disparate elements. We know because we’ve witnessed and supported the transformation for many customers – often operating within tightly regulated industries. Having trodden this path many times, we’ve now decided to distill the learnings and share them with you.