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The AI-Powered Data Security Platform

Discover, visualize, and use your data while remaining secure and compliant. Velotix enforces the right policies so you can grant data access in a prompt and secure way.

Common Velotix Use Cases:

Discover, Visualize & Search Your Data

Classify and auto-tag all data so it’s completely searchable
in a visible dashboard across your data landscape.

Manage Joiner/Mover/Leaver Permissions

Update data access when employees join, move, or leave positions
with highly sophisticated AI-based permissions.

Secure AI/ML Applications

Train AI/ML algorithms with protected data.

Solve Compliance Drift

Centralize, create and maintain data protection policies
to automatically detect and remediate conflicts between permissions and policy.

Eliminate Dark Data

Gain visibility on your data by centralizing, categorizing, and tracking data activity.