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January 9, 2024

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in AI for Data Security

For all the advantages digital solutions bring to managing data, they also deliver increasingly complex challenges in the form of breaches and cyber threats.

At a time when breaches are costing businesses an average of $4.35 million annually, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a game-changing ally in data security. It’s revolutionizing data protection strategies while offering rapid, compliant access to sensitive information. Its capabilities range from managing data federation to facilitating cloud migrations and automating policy access controls.

These seven trends illustrate just how critical more intelligent and automated solutions are to effectively enabling data governance for your organization.

1. Data Federation

Long considered a cornerstone in modern data management, decentralizing or democratizing data gains new strength with AI. It unifies disparate information sources, enabling a more holistic data view while maintaining individual database integrity and security. The approach enhances access efficiency but also boosts security protocols, allowing your organization to:

  • Manage data more effectively in a decentralized environment.
  • Reduce vulnerabilities.
  • Ensuring consistent data protection across various platforms.

2. Data Mesh Architecture

A relatively new concept in data architecture, data mesh takes a decentralized approach to addressing traditional data management complexities and limitations. AI is pivotal in the approach, enabling dynamic and intelligent data connections across diverse domains. It ensures your organization’s data remains accessible and secure while adapting to different formats and systems, a crucial factor in maintaining data integrity and security when dealing with complex, interconnected data systems.

3. Complex Regulatory Environment

Nearly every organization processes personal data, meaning they must comply with ever-evolving regulatory requirements. AI is a key player in ensuring compliance, as it:

  • Dynamically adapts to changing laws and standards.
  • Automates compliance processes.
  • Reduces human errors.

This adaptability is particularly critical for businesses navigating multiple jurisdictions with varying data protection laws. AI’s ability to quickly adjust to new regulations ensures your organization remains compliant, minimizing risks like costly legal penalties and reputational damage.

4. Shifting Data to the Cloud

As more organizations move their data to the cloud, AI is essential in managing the security risks that come with the transition:

  • It provides advanced analytics and real-time monitoring to quickly detect and respond to threats.
  • Its predictive capabilities anticipate potential breaches before they occur, offering an additional layer of security to cloud-stored data.
  • It ensures cloud computing benefits don’t come at the expense of data security.

5. AI/ML

AI and machine learning (ML) are first-line defenses in detecting and neutralizing emerging cyber threats. The technologies analyze patterns and predict potential breaches, adapting defenses in real time. They also learn from each interaction, continually enhancing their ability to identify and respond to threats.

6. Increased Data Volumes

The current data explosion presents unique challenges in security and compliance. AI helps your organization manage its growing databases by analyzing large datasets to quickly identify anomalies and potential threats that would be impossible for human analysts to detect in a similar amount of time.

7. A Growing Need for Automated Access Control

Automated policy access control is vital for managing who has access to what data and for which purposes. AI enhances the process by learning and adapting to user behaviors, ensuring access is granted to the right individuals under the right circumstances. A more efficient way to mitigate internal and external breach risks, AI-driven access control reduces administrative burdens and minimizes the likelihood of human error in granting or denying access.

Secure Your Sensitive Data with Velotix’s AI-driven data security platform

Automated Data Security From Velotix

It’s becoming increasingly clear that organizations must now adopt robust data governance solutions to meet the swift evolution of data teams, user demands, tools, and regulatory landscapes. AI is crucial in this context, as it can more efficiently and effectively oversee, adapt, and foresee data usage patterns to ensure appropriate individuals have access to the necessary data.

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