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Unlocking Insight for Telecommunications Companies.

Telecommunications companies need to intimately understand their customers and their usage patterns in order to offer their customers service that differentiates them from their competitors. With automated policy enforcement, Velotix instantly enables widespread access to this data while ensuring that proper data access management and compliance protocols are in place, sharing the right data, to the right people, for the right reason to drive rapid decision-making and effective action.


Data’s value is limited by the insights we are able to grab from it. Controlled, federated, and virtualized access to data enables telecom professionals to understand customer usage patterns to improve network capacity planning.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Velotix automates data privacy control. Telecom organizations do not have to waste time on ensuring compliance. Better allocate this time to understanding what content your customers are looking for to improve customer retention rates and run more targeted marketing campaigns.

New Business Opportunity

Safely collaborating on datasets greatly increases the chance to gain insight. Velotix creates business opportunities for telecom companies, giving them secure access to data to enhance customer acquisition, offering targeted upgrades to customers, and growing their customer network.

Join the data democratization revolution.