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Data Sharing

Velotix enables data projects to be shared through the Velotix platform, both internally and externally.

The constant proliferation of new data is crowding company’s data catalogs and databases, creating chaos in an environment that needs to be controlled. With Velotix, the data is shared in its original form, with all security restrictions applied, removing the need to replicate data in order to share it.

Leave Your Data Exactly Where It Is

No more moving your data from structured to unstructured; eliminate unnecessary data replication that only complicates the compliance process. Give refined data to the consumers in your company knowing that it always comes from its original source.

Self Service Access to Data

Organizations no longer need to entrust data access to one gatekeeper. Empower individuals in your organization to leverage on our governance capabilities, giving a shopping cart-like experience, allowing them to take the data they need and “check out” securely.

Integrate with your BI tools

Velotix creates a unique link to grant access to data through your already existing BI tools, including Tableau, PowerBI, QLik, Jupyter, and Looker. The seamless integration ensures that the new table is a derivative of the old, with the original rules applied.

Join the data democratization revolution.