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Go beyond roles and attributes and grant data access
based on policies for optimized auditing and governance.

Unlock Power

Grant access to the right people at the right time.

  • Remove Manual Work

    Automate requests so your team receives the data they need without compromising security.

  • Build Customer Trust

    Protect your customers' personal information so they can engage with your business without risk.

  • Become Agile

    Accommodate changes to organizational structure and policies so you remain compliant.

The Most Flexible Access Control

Grant Access with Purpose

  • Dynamic Permissions

    Evolve Authorizations

    Grant access based on roles, policies, and attributes to make sensitive data only visible to those who require it.

  • Permission Patterns

    Automate Governance

    Automatically update permissions based on the latest policy changes so you’re agile yet secure and compliant.

  • Audit Reports

    Safeguard Sensitive Data

    Prove compliance at any time by tracking which policies have been applied and where.


Grant Access with Purpose