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Velotix Solution

AI Recommendations

Protect your data with the help of AI and historical access so you make faster decisions while remaining secure.

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Unlock Power

Get AI Recommendations on when to show or hide
data so only the right people have access

Get Clear Recommendations

Understand what data should be masked and why with easy-to-read directions.

Hit the Ground Running

Start getting accurate AI Recommendations after just 12 data requests.

Resolve Requests Faster

Speed up decision-making so it’s faster and easier to handle incoming requests.

Apply the Past to the Future

Animatic of how AI Recommendations works

Get Smarter Over Time

Learn Policies in a Day

AI Recommendations learn who needs access and why based on only 12 historical requests, so it supports your data security from day one.

Fuel Secure Decision-Making

AI Recommendations become more accurate as you evaluate approvals and provide feedback.

Give the Final Approval

Once you receive AI Recommendations, you still control what to approve, reject, or qualify.

Start your data security journey today.