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Velotix Product Walkthrough

Welcome to the Velotix Data Security Platform

Your data’s journey starts with discovery.

Velotix analyzes your databases to locate and classify data. Velotix automatically tags data types, making it searchable. Easily amend the auto-tagging process to suit your organization’s needs. Attach business context for smarter protection decisions.

Access your dashboard for a simplified view—metrics, classifications, and tagged columns, all centralized for insight on access, permission, and sensitive data. Velotix continually identifies and classifies new data.

Now, utilize your classified data. Create a project and select the relevant tables or files for access. Our auto-tagging enables search enquiries across all your data. Anyone can request access effortlessly, and our configurable workflows handle approvals seamlessly.

Velotix’s AI engine suggests which data protection policy & privacy enhancing technologies are appropriate- all aligned with your regulations.Your approver’s screen displays our AI recommendations. Our AI learns from your approval or denial, improving future requests.

Velotix enables safe access, usage, and sharing of your data, while keeping the sensitive data safe and secure.