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Scalable and Secure Data Access

Download this free eBook to reveal the six requirements you need to scale your data access for greater insights and agility without compromising on security.
Stage 1: Gain Policy-Based Access Control

Managing a patchwork approach to data access makes it impossible for organizations to grow. Go beyond roles and attributes with PBAC and give your organization the fluidity and visibility it needs to scale.

Stage 2: Enforce Dynamic Access Policies

Data has evolved to be more dynamic and cloud-centric, and yet many data storage systems remain static. Automated policy management and implementation powered by AI make granularity and security easy.

Stage 3: Create a Single Source of Truth

The ultimate objective is to move away from batch updates and metadata that are only as accurate as the last manual update, crawl, or ingestion. Getting real-time updates on your data in one place is crucial for avoiding risk, detecting anomalies, and preventing unauthorized enterprise-wide.