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Where DSPM Ends, Our DSP Journey Begins.

The Velotix Data security platform is the only AI-based solution that scales with your growing infrastructure and adapts to the ever-changing data landscape.  

Unlock the full potential of data security with Velotix. Data Security Posture Management tools excel at organizing and categorizing data, but they fall short when it comes to what comes next in your data journey. Now that you know where your sensitive data resides, you need a plan to access it securely.  

Unlike DSPMs, Velotix doesn’t stop at organizing the data chaos – it empowers organizations with self-service data access and robust policy enforcement, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure.  

Velotix users benefit from continuous growth and adaptation to evolving needs, eliminating the need for separate investments down the line.

RISK ASSESSMENTAssesses data security & recommends solutionsIdentifies security risks & assesses their impact without remediation
POLICY ENFORCEMENT Platform enforces, tracks, and manages data protection policies.Ensures that security policies are implemented and maintained properly.
DATA DISCOVERY Maps sensitive data and auto-tags it to discover proprietary information.Maps sensitive data and auto-tags it to discover proprietary information.
CONTINOUS MONITORING Monitors data assets, permission management, and new & existing policies.Monitors security controls and configurations continuously.
PERMISSIONS ANALYSIS Connects with IAM systems to assess and draw conclusions on existing permissions.Ensures the principle of least privilege and alerts on unauthorized access.
REPORTING & DASHBOARDS Display policy application, dataset access, data discovery, & anomalies.Vulnerability levels, security controls, and response capabilities.
COMPLIANCE REPORTING Audit logs capture details about user activity at a very granular level.Audit logs show evidence of adherence to industry specific standards.
INTEGRATIONS Connects with diverse security tools and solutions.Integrates with tools directly related to data security assessment and remediation.

Proactive Data Security

Be proactive with Velotix instead of being reactive with a DSPM.
Velotix grows with you. Don’t limit your data security – scale without constraints.