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Policy Database Powered by AI

Reach the final destination of your data security journey
and automate building and enforcing your policy database
as your enterprise grows.

Automate Scale

Transform AI Recommendations into
policies, giving the right people data
access at scale—without manual input.

  • Streamline Policy Management

    Gain the digital platform you need to keep up with changing regulations.

  • Save Time & Energy

    Automate policy updates, audits, and compliance without using up valuable resources.

  • Optimize Policy Creation

    Use AI Recommendations to create policies that align with your business and security goals.

Create a Single Source of Truth

How It Works

  • 01 Get Access Requests

    The approver receives access requests whenever an employee requests access for themselves or multiple people.

  • 02 Grant or Deny Access Based on AI Recommendations

    Your approver decides whether to grant or deny access based on clear AI Recommendations visible from one dashboard.

  • 03 Create New Policies

    Approved recommendations become policies that securely govern your data access and improve your AI knowledge base.

Write One Policy. Apply Everywhere.

  • Policy Rulebook

    Meet Industry Standards

    Velotix ensures your enterprise remains GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA compliant so you can use data to optimize what you do best.

  • Automated Policy Database

    Manage Policies in One Place

    Finally have one policy database that’s up-to-date. Every new policy is automatically added and immediately applied to future requests.

  • Machine Learning

    Scale and Stay Secure

    When new regulations are enacted, Velotix learns it and updates your policy database so you scale while remaining secure.

Write One Policy. Apply Everywhere.