It’s time to change the conversation about data governance.

Automate your data flow from request, to security recommendations & enforcing compliance.

Introducing the only AI-based platform that verifies, builds, and maintains policies based on who, what, where, when, and how access is granted.

Streamline the Data Access Lifecycle

Discover Data:
Know what data you have

Request Data:
Know who is accessing data

Process Data:
Know what they did with the data

Share the Data:
Know where the new form of the data exists today

Track the Data:
Know what happened to it


Enforcement Engine:

No need to duplicate or transfer data. We keep it right where it is.

The enforcement engine can provision the data directly with your data source, like Snowflake or Hadoop, or through a proxy.

Policy Automation Engine:

Automatically maintain the policy across all datasets, even as things change in the organizations or the regulatory environment.

Powered by symbolic AI, Policy automation engine suggests new policies for the organization as it learns from historical requests.

Data Protection Policy Repository:

A single place to manage, track, and automatically maintain your organization’s policies.

Our dynamic policy defines the policy at a different granularity than other softwares. Velotix defines a high level policy that can be configured in real-time. As the requester, rules, or requirements change, so does the level of access.

Data Catalog:

Aggregated metadata from other data catalogs

Smart suggestions so you can find data you didn’t even know you were looking for.


A self-service approach to data where you can own the entire process of the access request.

Complete flexibility across different departments. Your approval process goes through certain phases based on the configurable workflow that can differ for each use case, type of data, or business sect. The workflow can be designed automatically, with manual and automation, or just manual.

Features & Benefits

The only data governance solution that dynamically maps your data catalogs and automates permissions throughout your existing frameworks.
Become truly data-driven. Enable real-time access to every data consumer based on a need to share basis.

Velotix in Action

An international bank needed to implement centralized fraud detection, which involved data masking of various types of data from multiple countries. All that information needed to be aggregated to a central location and then processed.


The international bank was able to implement centralized fraud detection while remaining compliant to all privacy regulations.