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Data-Driven Solution for the Life Science Industry.

Data access teams in healthcare and pharma struggle to access their data, shielding them from improving research methods, sharing their findings, and working on possible life-changing medicines and treatments. Velotix identifies what sensitive data exists in their datasets and enables fine-grained access control, ensuring that doctors and scientists can collaborate securely and within the boundaries of compliance.

Analytics & Reporting

Accessing data is the first step. For Pharma and Biotech organizations, the result is the further diversification and personalization of treatments for different ages and geographic locations.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Secure data access governance allows you to speak directly to your customers. With Velotix, pharma and biotech companies can understand and analyze doctor’s engagement needs and community demographics in order to offer the most effective and competitive options.

Solution Engineering

Today, the process to access data is extremely complex. In pharma & biotech, it is hindering innovation and the ability to keep up in competitive markets. Velotix’s policy protection catalog unlocks insights, taking you beyond the potential you thought you could reach.

Join the data democratization revolution.