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Higher Education

Go Beyond your Potential as an Academic Institution.

Academic institutions are in a tight competition with each other to hire the best faculty, recruit the most talented students, and provide both of them with an unmatched educational experience. Executives in higher education need access to data to transform their matriculation analytics into actionable steps to increase their ranking and services. Velotix minimizes risk exposure and eliminates non-compliance penalties to drive proactive and informed decision making.

Analytics & Reporting

Academic institutions use reporting to drive resource planning for classes, to understand financial aid distribution & considerations, and to enhance social reporting to drive rankings. Federated & secure data access management is a precursor to any of these insights, and Velotix is the only platform that can automatically and intelligently grant that access.

Solution Engineering

Today, the process to access data is extremely complex. In Higher Education, it is hindering innovation and the ability to keep up in a competitive environment. Velotix’s policy protection catalog unlocks insights, taking you beyond the potential you thought you could reach.

New Business Opportunity

Higher education institutions are always looking for new opportunities to enhance rankings, raise more endowment, and recruit better quality faculty and students. Velotix enables a safe and secure way to share data, meaning universities can focus on transforming it into insight to realize new opportunities.

Join the data democratization revolution.