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Velotix Global Data Trailblazers Report 2023

The worlds of technology and business are constantly evolving, advancing, and changing. At Velotix, we know that the main driver behind this is data. The digital innovation within this sector is the driving force behind the creation of disruptive technologies, ideas, and opportunities for businesses and leaders to make themselves differentiators in the space. However, becoming a trailblazer in this field is no easy feat. Gaining a competitive advantage requires enterprises to implement new technology, but do so responsibly, making sure that data is safeguarded along the way. 

Data has no inherent value, it is only given value once we transform it into actionable insights. All organizations understand the value of data getting this access; analyzing & utilizing data is key to business success, growth, innovation, and competitive edge. Organizations that are not able to tap into their data are running far behind those with proper data governance. On the other hand, enterprises heavily weigh the risk involved with granting access to data. In the wrong hands, sensitive data is a source for misuse and fraud behavior. However, enterprises are struggling to implement a proper data governance framework. This creates a disconnect between wanting to provide democratized data access at scale and the ability to actually do so.

“Fifty-five percent of the organizations Gartner surveyed identified the lack of a standardized approach to governance as the biggest barrier to achieving data governance objectives.”


With the Velotix Data Security Platform, we effectively solve this issue, enabling organizations to strike a balance between being privacy-driven and data-driven by providing secure data access governance. Our patented technology ensures that the data within an organization is not exposed to users who are not authorized to see it. This means that Velotix is able to block or flag any attempt to access sensitive data by those who are not authorized, within or between organizations. This leads to cost reduction, opportunity creation, and compliance and risk mitigation.

We are happy to introduce our readers to the following outstanding data leaders and organizations. Their research, webinars, podcasts, and publications not only serve to spread awareness of the importance of data governance and security, but also support the mission and vision of Velotix, to maximize business value by removing unnecessary silos and making data attainable and accessible, while minimizing security risks. This impressive group exemplifies the progress and innovation that is taking place within the data analytics industry. They are internationally recognized educators, thought leaders, and data experts. I am excited to recognize their efforts and continue to build the future of data in collaboration with them.  

George Firican

George is passionate about putting the lights on data, being ranked among Top 5 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Big Data, Digital Disruption and Top 15 on Innovation.

His innovative approach to addressing data challenges received international recognition through award-winning program and project implementations in data governance, data quality, business intelligence and data analytics. He advises organizations on how to treat data as an asset, and he shares his practical takeaways on social media and various industry sites and publications.

George has been a data professional for more than 10 years. Some of George’s passions include creating informative, practical and engaging educational content, speaking at conferences, and helping organizations get more visibility on social media. George is the proud founder of and its YouTube channel and is a co-host of the Lights On Data Show.

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds, “The Data Diva”, is a world-renowned technologist, thought leader, and advisor working at the intersection of data privacy, technology, and law.

Ms. Reynolds is an internationally published author, highly sought speaker, and top media presence about global data privacy, data protection, and emerging technology issues.

Ms. Reynolds hosts the number one award-winning “The Data Diva” Talks Privacy Podcast. She has been named one of the Global Top Eight Privacy Experts by Identity Review, and she has been named one of the Global Top 30 CyberRisk Communicators by the European Risk Policy Institute in 2020 & 2021.

Vin Vashishta

Vin prepares companies to profit from AI. He has built and advised AI strategies at some of the largest companies in the world and taught clients to take AI strategy from plan to profitability, creating growth in challenging times.

Vin founded V-Squared 10 years ago and since then has grown it to be a leader in the AI strategy consulting and Data Science training industries.

Susan Walsh

With a decade of experience fixing your dirty data, Susan Walsh is the Classification Guru.

Susan is Founder and Managing Director of The Classification Guru Ltd, a specialist data classification, taxonomy customisation and data cleansing consultancy. She is an industry thought leader, TEDx speaker, DataIQ100 2022, and author of ‘Between the Spreadsheets: Classifying and Fixing Dirty Data’. She’s also the creator of the COAT philosophy.

Susan has developed a methodology to accurately and efficiently classify, cleanse and check data for errors which will help prevent costly mistakes. This could save days of laborious cleansing and classifying and can help your business find cost savings through spend and time management – supporting better, more informed business decisions.

Susan brings clarity and accuracy to data and procurement; helps teams work more effectively and efficiently; and cuts through the jargon to address the issues of dirty data and its consequences in an entertaining and engaging way.

Susan is passionate about helping you find the value in cleaning your ‘dirty data’ and raises awareness of the consequences of ignoring issues through her blogs, vlogs, webinars and speaking engagements. 

You can contact her on [email protected]

Kate Strachnyi

Kate Strachnyi is the Founder of DATAcated, providing brand amplification for companies focused on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data science. She’s also the founder of the DATAcated Circle – a community of data professionals and hub for courses on data visualization best practices, data storytelling, and dashboarding. She’s delivered several courses on data storytelling, dashboard techniques and visual best practices.

Additionally, Kate is the host of the DATAcated Conference and the DATAcated On Air Podcast. She is the author of ColorWise: A Data Storyteller’s Guide to the Intentional Use of Color. Kate was appointed a LinkedIn Top Voice of Data Science & Analytics in 2018 & 2019; she is also a LinkedIn Learning instructor.

Kate is on the DataIQ 100 USA list in 2022. She’s the mother of two girls and enjoys running ultra-marathons and obstacle course races.

Kristen Kehrer

Since 2010, Kristen has been delivering innovative and actionable modeling solutions across multiple industries, including the utilities, healthcare, and eCommerce. 

Current personal projects include using computer vision to notify me when the school bus arrives and a project to improve medication adherence using CV.

Kristen was a LinkedIn Top Voice – Data Science & Analytics in 2018. Previously Kristen was a Data Science instructor at UC Berkeley Ext, Faculty/SME at Emeritus Institute of Management and Founder of Data Moves Me, LLC. Currently, Kristen is a Developer Advocate at CometML. Kristen holds an MS in Applied Statistics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a BS in Mathematics.

Robert Seiner

Robert (Bob) S. Seiner is the President and Principal of KIK Consulting & Educational Services ( and the Publisher of The Data Administration Newsletter (

Seiner is a thought-leader in the fields of data governance and metadata management. KIK (which stands for “knowledge is king”) offers consulting, mentoring and educational services focused on Non-Invasive Data GovernanceTM, data stewardship, data management and metadata management solutions.

Seiner is the author of the industry’s top selling book on data governance – Non-Invasive Data Governance: The Path of Least Resistance and Greatest Success (Technics Publications 2014) and has hosted the popular monthly webinar series on data governance called Real-World Data Governance (w Dataversity) since 2012. Seiner’s book has been translated into five languages (Dutch, Italian, French, German, Spanish) with two other languages (Chinese and Arabic) on the near horizon.

Seiner also holds the position of Adjunct Faculty and Instructor for the Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College CDataO post-graduate program. KIK Consulting is celebrating its 20th year in business while has been actively published for 25 years.

Dr. Henna A. Karna

Dr. Henna A. Karna is a highly respected global leader with more than 25 years of experience leading innovation across Digital/Data in High-Tech, CPG, Risk Management, and Insurance industries (across P&C, Specialty, Life, Health, Retirement, Consumer, Commercial, Brokers, Vendors, and Independent Agents). She has led businesses and advised Fortune 100 companies on digital innovation and disruption and has designed and developed patent-pending technology and applications in the field of genetic algorithms, behavioral analytics, deep neural nets, & digital-data technologies.

Henna currently serves as General Manager (GM), Managing Director, Global Insurance & Risk Management Solutions at Google, leading Google Cloud’s global Insurance strategy, products and solutions roadmap, including a cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-aService) data, analytics , AI & ML capabilities for insurers, reinsurers, brokers, agents, and the broader Insurance ecosystem. Previously, Henna served as Executive Vice President, Partner, and Chief Data Officer at AXA XL, the Property & Casualty, Specialty Risk, Risk Management, and Reinsurance entity of global insurance giant AXA SA (OTCQX: AXAHY), with $147.9B in revenues and 165,934 employees.

Henna led a team of 300 and was the architect and strategist behind the end-to-end digital strategy, design, execution, and business evolution and led all aspects of the firm’s digital transformation (talent evolution, data and digital strategy, and business impacts). Her development of the Digital-data Ecosystem & Engagement Platform, a big data and analytics multi-sided/tiered platform for end-customer digital applications and data commercialization, has won several industry awards, including CELENT Model Insurer – Innovation (2019).

Henna also was top 3 finalist for the Insurance Nexus Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2019 and recently Top Insurance Women Executives in 2020.

Chris Tabb

I started my career in the Business Intelligence/Analytics domain 30 years ago. Beginning at Cognos in the 90’s working in the back office before becoming an expert in all their products, and leaving to become an independent BI consultant in 1998. It is safe to say I love Data and always have.

I have followed the evolution of the analytics industry, working hands-on with all the technologies in the ecosystems: – Databases, ETL/ELT, BI/OLAP /Visualisation Tools, Big Data Technologies, Infrastructure On-premises / Cloud across many vendors, some old some new.

Nowadays I work at a more strategic level providing Technical Roadmap, Vendor Selection, Migration Strategies, Data Management, Data & Application Architecture, but still likes to keep hands-on with products in the Data Eco System.

I enjoy providing Strategy, Advice, Data Migration Designs, Data Model Design and providing technical assurance, working across delivery teams for client success.

I also love to work with Start-Ups in the Data Space, to help shape products and propositions.

Joe Reis

Joe Reis is a “recovering data scientist,” CEO of Ternary Data, and a business-minded data nerd who’s worked in the data industry for 20 years. His responsibilities have ranged from statistical modeling, forecasting, machine learning, data engineering, data architecture, and everything else in between.

He hosts the popular data show and podcast, the Monday Morning Data Chat, interviews the top thought leaders in data on The Data Nerd Herd, and runs several multi-thousand member meetups, including The Utah Data Engineering Meetup and SLC Python. Joe also teaches at the University of Utah and is the co-author of the O’Reilly book, Fundamentals of Data Engineering.

When he’s not busy running a company, teaching, or creating content, Joe often finds himself DJing/making music, rock climbing, or trail running in the mountains around Salt Lake City, Utah.

Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor, The Data Whisperer, has helped countless companies by enlightening business executives to the strategic value of proper data management. He focuses on business alignment and the “strategic WHY” rather than system implementation and the “technical HOW.” As Principal Consultant for MetaMeta Consulting he helps Enterprises and Tech Brands tell their data story.

An avid business evangelist and original thinker, he continually shares his passion for the strategic value of master data through industry events, public speaking opportunities, blogs, videos, whitepapers, podcasts, cartoons, puppets shows and all forms of thought leadership. His new book – TELLING YOUR DATA STORY: Data Storytelling for Data Management is available now. 

Recognition and accolades include DataIQ 100 | Onalytica Who’s Who in DM | CDO Magazine Leading Data Consultant | Thinkers360 Top 10 | 5X Data Marathon Host | Dataversity Top 10 Blogger

He lives in Bridgeport, CT where he often kayaks in Black Rock harbor. He can also juggle pins and blow a square bubble.

Ravit Jain

Ravit Jain, Founder & Host of The Ravit Show & Head Community Evangelist at AtScale. With over 8 years of extensive experience in the field of Data Science & Data community building.

He is one of the most renowned leaders in the Data/AI community and often helps Data Science/AI enthusiasts with the right resources, and learning paths for their careers.

Ravit has been named amongst the top 200 creators by LinkedIn. The Ravit Show has more than 90 top-notch Data Science companies in their portfolio. Ravit has made a significant mark and has interviewed more than 100+ leaders on The Ravit Show.

The Ravit Show media continues to help the Data Science Community to learn from the best stories of the right leaders and Data Companies.

You can learn more about him and The Ravit Show here —

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