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Velotix Use Cases: The Role of AI Automation

When data, privacy, and security constantly evolve, current methods are not agile enough to support global access. Velotix developed an AI data security platform for managing and granting that access at scale.

By building and enforcing your policy database with AI automations, Velotix helps the right people gain access to the right information without compromising on privacy.

Data Discovery

Know what you have and where so you can protect it.

Permission Discovery & Analysis

Understand how data permissions are granted within your enterprise so you can identify patterns, spot anomalies, and prevent misuse.

Self-Serve Data Access

Streamline data access to the right people in minutes so your enterprise can maximize foresight.


Go beyond roles and attributes and grant data access based on policies for optimized auditing and governance.

AI Recommendations

Get AI Recommendations on when to show or hide data so only the right people have access.

Policy Database Powered by AI

Reach the final destination of your data security journey and automate building and enforcing your policy database as your enterprise grows.