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May 29, 2024


July 16-18, 2024

The International Chief Data Officer and Information Quality (CDOIQ) Symposium

Our purpose is to advance the knowledge and accelerate the adoption of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) role in all industries and geographical countries. As Data is a critical aspect of every organization, the symposium is focusing on the management and leadership of this critical element for the 21st century that will benefit every organization.

Against the backdrop of Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Quality, and Data Management, the CDOIQ Symposium will host its event physically on-site at Hyatt Regency Cambridge Hotel and live-streamed virtually through the Whova platform and will explore delivering mature data & analytics capabilities for ROI, including local organizational issues to global challenges, through case studies from industry, academic, financial, government and healthcare leaders.

Session 9-D: Empowering Secure Data Democratization: Harnessing the Potential of GenAI and LLMs for Digital Transformation

Track D (On-site) – Actionable Insights: Translating Data to Actionable Insight for the Enterprise

8:30 AM – 9:15 AM

Porter Square


Data is the lifeblood of your organization. It fuels your enterprise’s quest for competitive advantage, enabling it to develop groundbreaking solutions, solve complex problems, and stay ahead in dynamic markets. In the era of digital transformation, secure data democratization is pivotal for organizations; data should be secure and easy to use. 

Join us on Day 2 of the CDOIQ Symposium as we dive into the groundbreaking realm of data security platforms. In this session, we’ll unveil how Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) are not just buzzwords but transformative tools revolutionizing organizational success. By leveraging the capabilities of GenAI and LLMs, enterprises can streamline data handling and security processes, achieving higher standards of data integrity, accessibility, and security. This session contributes to the ongoing discourse on AI’s potential to revolutionize data democratization and security in the digital age.

Discover how GenAI and LLMs democratize data, making it more accessible and secure for every stakeholder. We’ll explore how cutting-edge data security platform technologies automate critical tasks, from data access to threat detection, reducing errors and fortifying security measures. Join us and learn how to embrace the data revolution and elevate your organization’s data integrity, accessibility, and security standards

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